January Labs Daily Brightening Tonic

So this post is unlike any of our posts before, I’ll apologize to Colt’s friends who follow our blog in advance, but to those who know me, this is not a post that will come as a surprise to anyone. Natural skin care is my thing, y’all. Right up there with red wine and the interiors of cathedrals, duh. It’s what I’m passionate about, what I’ve spent time testing over and over and over again, and what I spend hours upon hours on my computer researching. So when I’ve finally found something I feel is worth writing about, I’ve decided to use this handy little blog I have (travel specific or not), and I’m going to start sharing. This is supposed to be for things worth sharing, right?

Enter January Labs Daily Brightening Tonic. I first heard about this product through Melissa Wood, who is this super inspirational health and wellness coach I follow on Instagram. Seriously… her attitude can shift my day to the better somehow, and it’s insane.

The website states: “This all-in-one toning treatment exfoliates and hydrates your skin while stimulating collagen production. It is specially formulated to strengthen the skin and regulate proper pH balance to reveal a smooth, healthy glow.” But I will also mention it helps with acne, because we all know that’s my real struggle here (palm to face). It also has glowing reviews all over the internet (did I mention I like to research?)


Image: januarylabs.com


You can find it through the January Labs website, as well as a few other online beauty stores I’m sure. If you’re looking to switch up your toner game, or not, I think it’s worth a try; and it won’t go breaking the bank at $28. I’m in the process of trying out a few other products from the January Labs line I’ve purchased, and know for sure the moisture balancing lotion and retexturing night cream will become staples of mine right along with this gem.





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