Yovela Coffee Roasters

Now, given our relocation to the heart of Europe, it is probably not surprising that the coffee here is significantly better and held at a higher standard overall. In fact, it is very much a part of everyday life for the greater population. Coffee is considered a “digestive” for a post breakfast, lunch, or evening meal to settle things down, or get ’em started, and is very often insisted on. On the contrary, my father “Chuck” prefers a herbal concoction known as Unicum or any other herbal schnapps that forces you to cringe, but he is an old cowboy and insists it is merely medicine. Everywhere you go here in Austria you can find a satisfying cup of Jo. What you do not know, is that “craft” coffee is as foreign as us Americans. Readily available are the 3-4 different companies that dominate the mainstream of coffees and coffee choices served within local pubs and restaurants. Now don’t get me wrong, this coffee is very drinkable and is equivalent to your beloved Starbucks as far as quality and flavor. What you might not know, lurking nearby, is the absolutely most innovative local coffee shop that is breaking away from the norm and offering more, and quite a bit more I might add.

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Now you might be thinking, more of what? Great question! At Yovela Coffee Roasters (literally meaning “full of joy”) resides the mastermind Johannes. Johannes (aka “Josh”) and Elisabeth, have begun the bold revolution toward breaking away from the norm and offering a plethora of crafted coffee beginning in 2012. Living in Dallas/Fort Worth, I was delightfully exposed to a number of fantastic craft coffee shops and frequented many of them including: Mudsmith, Ascension, Brewed, and my friend Kevin Sprague over at Noble Coyote (best cold-brew I’ve ever had). Yovela Coffee Roasters meets those standards. The coffee is imported from several regions across the globe and each unique flavor is roasted accordingly within the confines of the cafe. Yes, I said it. The coffee is roasted every week on the spot in-house and is done so very professionally via the vast knowledge of the Doc (yes, he has his Ph.D.) and is a disciple of the coffee Gods .

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What to Expect:

  • A Perfect Atmosphere

– The place is quaint, but perfect and smells like a coffee shop should.

  • Great Brew

– Josh is amazing at what he does. The menu offers an array of drinks to appeal to all audiences and I can guarantee that each cup is made with passion.

  • Variety

– Yovela offers beans from Yemen and Brazil, as well as Ethiopia and others in the near future. Now of course you can have your classic Cappuccino or Latte, but there is much more for those who appreciate the bolder things in life like their Doppio (which will make you want to inject it straight into your bloodstream it’s so good) or the classic Americano to give you a delicious kick in the rear for your work day.

  • A More Than Fair Price

– I mean … 4 coffees later and I barely broke 10 Euros y’all!

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The shop is located through the “Stadtplatz” across the bridge, and up the street from the Michaelerkirche.

Kirchengasse 1 – “Messererhaus”
A-4400 Steyr

Go there!!!


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