Chuck and Barb visit Austria

Having your parents come to visit your new home for the first time can make anyone nervous. Having them come visit your new home that they have to trek halfway around the world to get to, in a country they’ve never visited let alone a continent, is what one might call down right terrifying.

Will they like it? Will they approve? Will they understand why I left everything I started back in Dallas to start over here in Steyr? Will they finally see the things that uprooted my life and took me farther away from them? All I kept thinking to myself was I sure hope so… And man I hope Dad likes the Bier!

Turns out he did!

They booked a round trip ticket arriving in Vienna and staying with Colt and I for a little over two weeks, including being here to help celebrate my birthday (cue the awww’s). In their two weeks here we covered more than I could have imagined and took on Austria like we were all the Energizer Bunny (turns out we’re not Connor, and this lady in particular crashed a few times). I planned to show them so many beautiful things that they couldn’t help but love it here, right? Or at least that was my game plan.

We spent a few days in Steyr and Linz, exploring the two cities closest to Colt and I. In my father’s words, “He even got to go back to college” as we hauled them with us to class, to see our campus.

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Took them to the Mauthausen Memorial for the most somber of history lessons.

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Spent a day in the beautiful city of Hallstatt.

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 We took Mom to every garden we could find, including Mirabellgarten (Sound of Music) in Salzburg and the Gardens at Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. The ladies love of flowers knows no bounds.

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We drug Dad to watch more fußball than I think he would have ever imagined watching in his life (I’m convinced he enjoyed it though).

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We explored beautiful cathedral after cathedral.

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 13315468_1176468769051655_5309245422108458493_n 13406752_10100610790218856_2846728732162585092_n

13445744_1187507741281091_5805018775867375957_n 13423924_1186193698079162_6623386499180231989_n 13432406_1187507847947747_5432715120641123030_n

Visited Stift St. Florian (Patron Saint of Firefighters), and the Firefighters Museum of Upper Austria.

13427939_1180663871965478_4068497602841673917_n 13339475_1180663728632159_1214586884322939163_n

13346602_1180663645298834_9094170886707834495_n 13413557_1180663801965485_1567465797222068027_n

13418966_10100607366699616_4537909831695284591_n 13435542_10100607366649716_3655812490572346590_n

Threw in Fortress Hohensalzburg and Liters of bier at the St. Augustiner Braurei in Salzburg for good measure.

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Took some time out in Vienna to visit the Naschmarkt, sip wine at Urbanek and Vulcanothek, and dine at our favorite restaurant for traditional Austrian cuisine, Gasthaus Grünauer.

13494980_1187507981281067_7986012381233554640_n 13434891_1187507967947735_5987356006416559042_n 13450255_1187507681281097_7912278900021105989_n

Last but not least, let us not forget, Chuck and Chuck at KL Ranch for the win.

 13339644_1177986625566536_4300203018933380926_n 13445768_1186193894745809_6754315186795104102_n


Having them here was probably the greatest birthday present I could have ever received. Their unconditional support and love for me throughout this entire process has been the strength that has kept me going. They are my reason for everything, my foundation, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have been blessed with two of the most amazing parents any kid would be lucky enough to wish for.

There is also quite the happy ending to this little story… they loved it! They were open to all the new experiences, and I think it is safe to assume, that they now understand why their daughter has chosen this crazy little life of adventure.

I love you both so very much!


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