Baden Austria

I’ve been putting off this post in hopes that we would make it back to Baden bei Wien before having to publish this. Turns out we haven’t, so I’m going to roll with what I’ve got, which is not a lot.

Colt and I have made it a habit of trying to find the most beautiful places we can and showing up to explore without a plan. Like literally, no plan. No idea what to see (except for a church of course, you’re talking about me after all) and no idea where to eat. Chuck (Colt’s dad, not mine… yes they have the same name) is the one who suggested we head to Baden after he drove through one weekend and mentioned how beautiful the drive was and how interesting the town looked. So on one of our random days off, we made the hour and a half trek from Steyr towards Baden and spent the day exploring.

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Turns out, Chuck was right, and Baden is absolutely beautiful. Known for their casino (I don’t gamble) and their spa’s (we didn’t have time to spa unfortunately). So with those two major things crossed off the list, we set off to the market, because that’s what we do and where we go, and they have never steered us wrong. We are market people through and through and truly believe it’s where you find the vibe of a city (thanks Bourdain).

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After a drink and a quick chat with some locals we headed towards the city center where Colt had to drag me out of one of the greatest Bio stores I’ve set foot in. Visited the Cathedral, the casino gardens and stopped at several other cafe’s along the way. May I also mention it rained, the entire day, but we made due.

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Towards late afternoon we headed back to the market instead of finding a restaurant for dinner. We snacked on street food and enjoyed some beer and wine before being surprisingly serenaded by a man, who from his dinner table he was sharing with his family, turned the entire market into a sing a long (seriously one of the greatest moments we have witnessed, ever). We were having so much fun it made it hard to leave, but alas we reluctantly had to make the drive back home.

We plan on going back to Baden and finding out what else this city has to offer. Maybe around Christmas, I can only imagine how amazing their Christmas market will be. 🙂


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