We started this day thinking we were going to explore Schloss Wildberg, some castle ruins outside of Linz Colt spotted on a previous trip with his dad.

While we found the Schloss, we were disappointed to find that it is now considered private property and we were unable to get inside.

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Undeterred, we knew of a church we had seen high on hill overlooking all of Linz, but did not know the name or how to get there. After some questionable googling (ie: Church on hill overlooking Linz), we found the name and directions and headed off towards Pöstlingberg.

Pöstlingberg is a 539 meters high hill on the left bank of the Danube in the city of Linz, Austria. Once at the top, you are greeted with the Wallfahrtsbasilika (Pilgrimage basilica), a panorama viewing platform and several cafes and beer gardens.

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The pilgrimage church, perched high above the roofs of the city, is the landmark of the Upper Austrian capital. It was built in 1748 according to plans by Matthias Krinner and is a popular site for weddings because of the unique location.

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We spent the afternoon attempting to take some good photos, snacked on a Jause in the beer garden and had drinks in the sunroom of the beautiful Pöstlingberg Schlössl Restaurant. It was perfect.


To end our evening we headed towards the city center of Linz, where we planned on dining at one of our favorite restaurants for dinner, but instead wound up spending far too long enjoying a pint or three at the Chelsea Irish Pub 🙂


P.S. Dad… How cool would it be to have this view from the firehouse?




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