Well guys, we’ve been busy… So busy in fact I had to be reminded I even had a blog. But alas, I was reminded, and with my semester finally coming to an end yesterday, I figured I should at least give an update on what this duo has been up to. Between my ridiculous (this is not an exageration) school schedule, Colt teaching english to adorable elemetary school kids, attending school himself, playing soccer and working at the ranch we’ve hardly even had time for each other.

But, we finally got our long awaited break on December 22nd and I was lucky enough, with the help of one very special lady (Hi Mamoo ??), to have my brother and his girlfriend Brooke fly in to spend the holiday’s with us. Those two weeks were a whirlwind to say the least, from Prague for Christmas, all around Austria, to Dublin for New Years then back to Munich to see them off. Two weeks felt more like 5 blurred days (I partially blame our alcohol intake for this).

It was both Connor and Brooke’s first trip to Europe and I was so excited to show them many of the places that made me fall in love with this part of the world and the reason we chose to move here.


Out of the four of us, Colt was the only one who had been to Prague. He loves it, and even considers it one of his favorite cities. I have seen over and over on website after website how it’s one of the most beautiful places to be for Christmas. So with those two factors playing a role, Christmas in Prague seemed like a no brainer to me. I booked an Airbnb a few weeks out and we made the four hour drive there for a short 3 day Christmas stay. I think the sheer beauty of the place, shocked us all. We had no plan, nothing specific to see, and spent our days wandering around, late night caroling on the empty Christmas Market stage, making comments about the sheer number of folks enjoying their bottles of booze streetside and enjoying the gloriousness that is Czech beer (indoors for those who are wondering). For Christmas dinner, Colt and I thought it would be fun to bring along a little Austrian tradition we had learned last year and packed our Raclette grill (google it) along with some groceries, and enjoyed Christmas dinner in our little apartment right near the heart of the city. I won’t get into too many details throughout this post, otherwise we would be here all night. Just know that this trip was beyond what I could have ever hoped for, and we had fun… lots and lots of fun.



After Prague, we headed back to Steyr, where we spent some time in our little town and others around it, and even made sure to spend some time at the Ranch so Chuck could work his magic hosting skills on our guests. In the midst of the grand Austrian tour we headed towards Salzburg, where we spent the night, after making a pit stop in the instagram famous Hallstatt. In Salzburg, we sent Connor and Brooke up to see the Fortress and closed down the Augustinerbräu (they litterally shut the lights out on us). It was a quick trip, but worth it. Lots to see and lots to do and a very short amount of time to do it.



We came back from Salzburg with enough time to sleep, repack and head off to the Vienna airport on New Years  Eve because we were headed to DUBLIN baby. Connor and I spent a lot of time trying to decide between Venice, Italy or Dublin, Ireland for New Years. Clearly the vibe in both of those places is drastically different and due to the nature of the holiday, Dublin won out. Turns out we made the right choice and the vibe throughout the city was just what we were looking for. We drank a lot of Guiness, a lot of Jameson, and Brooke was even able to practice her Irish dancing. We even made time to tour the Guiness Brewery on New Years day.

Side note: If you are in Dublin and want some legit oysters, check out KLAW. It’s the size of a shoebox, but worth every penny. Especially for these deprived Austria living lovers of oysters.

Our final stop of the trip was Munich. Connor and Brooke were flying back to Dallas from Munich aiport, and had spent a few days there when they arrived, so we decided to go just a day early and close down one final brewery before we sent them off. Hofbräuhaus is a staple and I think needs no explanation. We were even, with help from Siegmund and Anna Marie, able to show Connor and Brooke what a traditional Stammtisch is all about. They have been going, every Tuesday, for decades… and sweet Anna Marie even drank all of us under the table with her seven half liters.

I’m unable to describe how truly happy I was to have my brother here for Christmas, it meant so much to me to have that little piece of home, abroad, for the holidays.


For more pictures from our trip, visit my Facebook album #teamhavinfun.

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