You know when you’re sitting at a bar with a couple of friends, and you’ve had a few drinks, and you start planning these grand ideas or trips that usually never happen? Yeah, well that’s how this whole idea started, yet we actually made it happen under the guise of a birthday trip for Meli and I (insert cheeky grin here). What boyfriend can say no to that? Obviously, not ours ;).

We needed somewhere close, due to the boys football schedule, and I requested somewhere Colt and I have never been. We narrowed it down to a few options, and eventually Bratislava won out. Only a mere two and a half hours from us, the drive to Bratislava passed in no time. We only had two full days and one night there and I believe made the most of every second.

Meli and Ossi had been to Bratislava once before, so we were lucky enough to have two pretty awesome tour guides (you know you have good friends when they veer off course to make sure you see a cathedral or two), as well as a solid pick for a hotel with a spectacular view of the city as well as the castle. The first day was spent wandering around the city, sightseeing, stopping for a beverage or two, then enjoying what I would like to consider to be one of the best nights EVER at a place called Centrálna Klubovna. The food was good, the in-house brew was good, and of course the wine was good (did y’all think I wouldn’t be posting about wine, come on now). But more importantly, the company was the greatest part, and I think we stayed for almost 5 hours just talking and enjoying a relaxing evening out with friends.




Our second day started off with a probably slower morning than we all would have liked (note the drinking hours in the above paragraph), followed by I think one of Colt’s favorite parts of the trip, which was spending some time with a friend of his, Miro, who is originally from Bratislava but whom Colt met at Texas State, through friends, when he was studying abroad in Texas. We were able to enjoy an amazing lunch, meet his wife and precious new baby boy and just chat about life and get some local insight as to what Bratislava is all about. After bidding Miro farewell, we finished off with some shopping for local art (Colt and I try to collect a piece of art from every city we visit), before heading back to Austria. It was by far one of the best weekends we’ve had while abroad and I can’t wait to have many more like it in the future.





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