We started this day thinking we were going to explore Schloss Wildberg, some castle ruins outside of Linz Colt spotted on a previous trip with his dad.

While we found the Schloss, we were disappointed to find that it is now considered private property and we were unable to get inside.

 img_3131 img_3129

Undeterred, we knew of a church we had seen high on hill overlooking all of Linz, but did not know the name or how to get there. After some questionable googling (ie: Church on hill overlooking Linz), we found the name and directions and headed off towards Pöstlingberg.

Pöstlingberg is a 539 meters high hill on the left bank of the Danube in the city of Linz, Austria. Once at the top, you are greeted with the Wallfahrtsbasilika (Pilgrimage basilica), a panorama viewing platform and several cafes and beer gardens.

 img_3123 img_3122

The pilgrimage church, perched high above the roofs of the city, is the landmark of the Upper Austrian capital. It was built in 1748 according to plans by Matthias Krinner and is a popular site for weddings because of the unique location.

img_3120 img_3377

We spent the afternoon attempting to take some good photos, snacked on a Jause in the beer garden and had drinks in the sunroom of the beautiful Pöstlingberg Schlössl Restaurant. It was perfect.


To end our evening we headed towards the city center of Linz, where we planned on dining at one of our favorite restaurants for dinner, but instead wound up spending far too long enjoying a pint or three at the Chelsea Irish Pub 🙂


P.S. Dad… How cool would it be to have this view from the firehouse?




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Poreč Croatia

“Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures…” – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland And you, Colt James, are working on doing just that.   Oh Poreč… even though my time with you was short, you have captured my heart. Colt had spent some time in Croatia on holiday last […]

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Chuck and Barb visit Austria

Having your parents come to visit your new home for the first time can make anyone nervous. Having them come visit your new home that they have to trek halfway around the world to get to, in a country they’ve never visited let alone a continent, is what one might call down right terrifying. Will they […]

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Hallstatt Austria

Hallstatt… The town that tops every major travel list (see here). One of the top 10 most beautiful cities in the world. Quaint and picturesque. Unfortunately, also now the town of 5 million tourists and signs mapped out in Chinese. I have been waiting patiently to make my way to Hallstatt (aka I was waiting for […]

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Basilika Sonntagberg

We visited Basilica Sonntagberg on a whim. Knowing not even the name of the beautiful cathedral but only the location. I told Colt I wanted to see something beautiful, and boy did he deliver. I have to give it to him… The guy knows exactly what makes this girls soul happy happy happy. This gem […]

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Garsten Abbey

Located a mere 5 minutes from our flat, Garsten Abbey is a former Benedictine monastery located in Garsten, a suburb of Steyr here in Upper Austria. We had the privilege of getting to check out this beauty while at the Garsten Adventmarkt before Christmas, and I must say, it did not disappoint. The abbey was founded in 1080-82 […]

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Status: It’s complicated

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European Street Food Festival

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Yovela Coffee Roasters

Now, given our relocation to the heart of Europe, it is probably not surprising that the coffee here is significantly better and held at a higher standard overall. In fact, it is very much a part of everyday life for the greater population. Coffee is considered a “digestive” for a post breakfast, lunch, or evening […]

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Stift Sankt Florian

I have this thing for Cathedrals. Especially one’s that happen to be thousands of years old. It’s borderline obsessive. This near obsession means I drag, a willing might I add, boyfriend into just about every Cathedral/Kirche/Montessori/Stift etc… that crosses our path because I NEED to see the beauty that I know is waiting for me behind […]

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